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Career With Us

Join us at ATA where we take care of you, our greatest asset. ATA wishes to groom you to your best self, where we dive into a new and exciting stage in your career together.

With attractive benefits and meaningful relationships to be made, what are you waiting for! Send in your CV to [email protected] Find out how you can be a part of the ATA team today!

ATA is definitely a place to develop personal growth and professional working skills. The team has been nothing short of being great. They have provided me with a great deal of education, mentorship, as well as an abundance of information, all of these while I’m still schooling on a full-time basis. Ultimately, I believe that the environment here is one that fosters good relationships and encourages self-improvement

Wu Siming – Financial Planner

Joined this industry earlier in May after working as an admin for my current manager (now my mentor) for a year. During that year, my mentor taught me the importance of having protection to protect ourselves and our loved ones as she wanted me to understand her thought process and actions behind her work for each and every of her clients. Having gone through financial difficulties before, I understood how important it was to have sufficient funds to support the family in dire times.

In that year itself, I did paperwork for so many claims. From simple accidents like a sprained ankle to death claims, hospitalization claims and cancer claims

Every time a claim was settled, I have never ever felt happier. I was so glad that if what I was doing could ease a client’s burden and allow them to focus on recovery rather than stress over their finances, we made a difference in their life. ūüėä

That was when I realised how meaningful the job of a financial advisor is.

Upon joining Audrey’s team, I have experienced what it is like to work in a positive environment where we all help each other grow and I would rather be nowhere else.

Grace Tan –¬†Financial Planner

Really thankful for Audrey for guiding me these past few years.

Came into the business during my uni days as my dad has no money due to the recession to finance my fees. Within 3 months I had earned enough to pay the reminding years of fees.

But the monetary rewards is not the reason why I stayed on as an agent.

The first big claims that we did was a young lady who had early stage of breast cancer. That was when I knew that small stack of paper that we let our clients sign, really works. It was a promise from Manulife to our clients that should something unfortunate happens. We will take care of you.

But this was just a stranger, the impact while deep wasn’t lasting. Perhaps the one motivation that kept me striving on was the death of someone important to me.

My experience in the SCDF for NS has shed light that there is almost always an accident every other day. Studying in NUS and going pass NUH everyday showed me that there is always an emergency ambulance rushing towards NUH.

It had led me to be quite desensitised to people dying. Until my own family member passed away leaving behind his wife and children… That’s when it hit me really bad that I could have done something about it. This thought haunts me even up to now,and is the main reason why I will strive on to tell people to at least get a second opinion that you are sufficiently insured.

Yunus Chia –¬†Financial Planner

Being a part of this team has helped me grow and develop. It has taught me much about discipline, hard work, helping others and motivating one’s self to do better and be better. I had never thought I would enjoy being a financial planner, but this role has given me much exposures and experiences no other positions can offer. My team is also fun and supportive, and this makes any challenges (which job doesn’t have any!) easier. I am surrounded by fun and encouraging teammates, and most importantly, a wonderful and supportive leader who doesn’t know how to fail. I’m glad I made the decision to join this industry and under the mentorship of Audrey.

Liza Mohd –¬†Financial Planner

I enjoy working at ATA because there is plenty of opportunities for development as well as the supportive staff and teammates that makes you feel like home.

Brian Lek –¬†Financial Planner

The opportunities given to me during my past year under Audrey’s Guidance was plentiful. Weekly training and guiding session were beneficial at the beginning stepping into a new industry. With teammates going through this whole process with me really made the time spend together meaningful and fun. Looking forward to more sessions of team activity and improving as a whole unit! Not regretting moving on with my decision to join Audrey.

Nicolas Ong –¬†Financial Planner

This unit has provided me the right platform to learn and experience in life after my graduation. I am very lucky and honoured to be mentored by one of the most responsible and experience leader. I have learnt not only the right skills, but the right mindset to conquer what’s ahead of us. I always believe in joining the right team, because with the right grooming and unity of the team, this business becomes a joy and a motivation to work even harder in life.

Aow Shihui –¬†Financial Planner

Being a financial consultant at Manulife has helped me to understand the needs and dreams of people from different backgrounds. Helping my clients to take a step closer towards their ideal lifestyle keeps me inspired to do what I do. I believe that each client needs a tailored financial solution that will support his/her personal goals. You can count on me personally, and also Manulife, to be a reliable and forward-thinking partner that supports you in your life journey.

Aaron Yang ‚Äď Financial Planner