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Commercial Insurance

Risks are a part of our lives. Setbacks and unforeseen circumstances may happen to anyone and everyone. So why not minimise risk when you are able to do so? General insurance enables both companies and individuals to protect themselves from various types of risks, which in turn allow them to carry out their daily operations and activities with a peace of mind.


Allows you to have a peace of mind while traveling. Provides coverage for medical expenses, flight accident, against any travel inconveniences such as flight delays, baggage loss, etc.


Mandatory for all vehicle owners in Singapore. Safeguard against damages caused by accident, theft, fire, flood and third-party damages.


Ensures that your home and its contents are protected against unforeseen circumstances, not limiting to Theft, Fire, Explosions & Flood. Various plans to also provide protection for you and your family as well, whether you are a homeowner or as a tenant.


Covers your foreign maid/domestic helper in the event of accidents and illnesses. Includes death benefit, permanent disability benefit and medical/hospitalisation expenses etc.


Day to day operational risks can occur which might affect your employees, financial status and even equipment or property damages. That is why every business and organization needs a way to protect their assets and interests.