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Corporate Risk Management ensures that your company is protected against all eventualities. They are methods and approaches put in place by corporations to manage and minimalize financial losses.

Proper Corporate Risk Management solutions ensure that the company is guarded against devastating losses and reduces liabilities in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Financial Risk

The possibility of a sudden financial loss within an organization. This may take place when the cash flow of a company is not sufficient to pay off creditors and fulfil other financial responsibilities.

Examples – Capital Structure, Accounting & Reporting, Liquidity & Credit, Tax

Strategic Risk

Risks that affect an organization’s strategic objectives. It is a CEO/board-level analysis that integrates into the overall business strategy and planning process. Managing strategic risks well would strongly aid a company in its long-term positioning and performance.

Examples – Planning & Resource Allocation, Market Dynamics, Mergers & Acquisitions, Communications & Investor Relations

Compliance Risk

Risks pertaining to legal and regulatory compliance. Companies may be subjected to fines and voided contracts if they fail to comply with the necessary standards or practices.

Examples – Code of Conduct, Governance, Health & Safety, Legal & Regulatory

Market Risk

Also known as price risk, it is the risk of a company’s value depreciation as a result of market movements. Market risks may arise from changes in foreign exchange rates, interest rates and commodity prices etc.

Examples – Foreign Exchange, Interest Rate, Equity

Operational Risk

Risks of business operations failing due to breakdowns in internal procedures, policies, systems and people, . As such, operational risks can never be entirely eliminated. Nevertheless, they are manageable as companies may mitigate losses to within a certain level of risk tolerance.

Examples – Leasing & Marketing, Value Chain, Physical Assets, Hazards

Transferring the Risk


  • Deferred Compensation Planning
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Key man Insurance
  • Commercial Insurance:
  1. Workmen’s Compensation
  2. Public Liability & Professional Liability
  3. Directors’ and Officers’ Liability
  4. Employees Benefits
  5. Fidelity Guarantee
  6. Property
  7. Marine Hull & Cargo
  8. Other Specific Risk such as financial, trade, political, trade credit, etc.

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